Lindbergh Tapestry

1927 Lindbergh Tapestry.

This is an original very rare commemorative Tapestry 1927 French made tapestry First Solo Crossing of the Atlantic Ocean celebration tapestry.

This is a scarce woven tapestry made in France just after the famous solo first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris. This tapestry features three views of the Spirit of St. Louis Ryan aircraft, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the River Seine, and a large portrait of Charles Lindbergh wearing his medal in the center.

This tapestry design is pictured in the 1928 book Decorations and Trophies of Colonel Lindbergh and documented as being presented to Colonel Lindbergh by the American Consul at Cherbourg.

Another great find in Robert Dodelin’s Showroom at the People’s Store

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