Jugendstil Brass Cup

IMG_20140611_164639_336This cool 1910 Jugendstil Brass Cup was found in Germany and now available in the katz showcase at the People’s Store.

Jugendstil artistic style that arose in Germany about the mid-1890s and continued through the first decade of the 20th century, deriving its name from the Munich magazine Die Jugend which featured Art Nouveau designs. Two phases can be discerned in Jugendstil: an early one, before 1900, that is mainly floral in character, rooted in English Art Nouveau and Japanese applied arts and prints; and a later, more abstract phase, growing out of the Viennese work of the Belgian-born architect and designer Henry van de Velde.

This particular piece has the royal look of a Church Chalice and would be an eye-catcher in any setting.