Eddie Munsters Doll

Eddie Munsters Teddy Bear, Woof Woof, Doll.

This was seen on one of the most popular TV shows in history; The Munsters debuted in 1964 and has never been forgotten even though it ran just three years. This replica of Eddie Munster’s favorite werewolf doll, Woof Woof, stands over 2 feet tall and is hand painted with a fur body. Woof Woof wears his suite, dress shirt and real shoes. His toenails and fingernails are hand painted in black and his head, hands and feet are made of a porcelain-like material. This Woof Woof doll comes in a coffin display box with official Munsters logos and pictures on the box. Also comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity. This was Limited to only 2,000 of this doll worldwide.

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Located in Randy Fotia’s showroom on the first floor of the People’s Store.