A Very Vintage Christmas

Another Great Event on 12/03/17 at the People’s Store!!!!!!

Thank’s to everyone that came out to meet TV Celebrity Bob Richter and picked up a signed copy of his book “A Very Vintage Christmas”.
Bob left a few signed copies with us, so drop on by and pick up yours today. It makes an excellent gift!

A Very Vintage Christmas embodies the nostalgia and sentimentality associated with the holiday season. Vintage ornaments, lights, decorations, cards and wrapping all conjure up happy memories of Christmases past and serve as tangible mementos of holidays shared with family and friends. In fact, finding these objects, decorating with them and sharing them with others bring an instant feeling of comfort and joy. Coupled with beautiful photographs, tips on collecting, and secret shopping haunts, A Very Vintage Christmas offers a 360-degree look at holiday décor in America and gives suggestions on how to make vintage finds work for today’s audience. While each chapter of A Very Vintage Christmas is unique, there is a common thread that runs through them all: the love of beautiful holiday decorations, and the interest in their history, value, and preservation. The book helps the everyday collector and enthusiast to build their own collection and offers tips on how to make the most of what they’ve got.
Hurry in and pick up your signed copy of “A Very Vintage Christmas” today on the first floor of the People’s Store.

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