vintage clothing

IMG_20140602_161752_914 - Copy IMG_20140602_161824_575 - Copy IMG_20140602_161839_960 IMG_20140602_161851_224 IMG_20140602_161859_154 IMG_20140602_161909_717 IMG_20140602_162345_680 IMG_20140602_162351_857 IMG_20140602_163903_324 IMG_20140602_163929_588 IMG_20140602_163936_663 IMG_20140602_164003_496 IMG_20140602_164216_550Your new summer fashions are here at the People’s Store. We have a variety of vintage ensembles for you to make your own. Stand out from the crowd wearing unique vintage attire.

Men’s and woman’s antique & vintage clothing available.