Incorporating architectural elements into your home is exciting. Using design elements, industrial items, architectural and antique carved wood elements truly creates a distinctive look for any environment. Art in your home should consist more than just paintings and sculpture.

An awesome art collection should contain paintings, tapestries, vintage textiles, industrial, architectural and wood carved elements.

An iron grate, or part of a fence, can be hung on a wall to create a window effect. Old Columns can be placed to divide an open space or help amplify an entrance way, or used as a plant stand.

An antique doors can also be made into console table, coffee table, headboard or a beautiful dining table.

Unusual architectural pieces have many possibilities besides being placed or hung as a piece of art.

Most of the wood panels and carved elements came off of old furniture. Hang one on a wall, each side of a mirror or above a doorway or bed.

The Peoples Store has many of these elements on almost every level, but a huge selection of carved wood elements are located on the second floor in the Best Of France showroom.