Antique Doll House's

IMG_20140918_150509_898 IMG_20140916_160000_037 IMG_20140916_160037_169 IMG_20140916_160122_966 IMG_20140916_160252_636 IMG_20140916_160315_967 IMG_20140916_160328_580 IMG_20140918_150425_182 IMG_20140918_150433_756 Antique wooden four room Doll House, complete with window treatments, and staircase. A great old dollhouse, which has that down homey feel. You could get lost inside, as your mind wanders through the rooms. It would be great for the kids or an art project, birdhouse or sculpture for the home. Located on the 2nd floor of the People’s Store. The other one has more of that old farm house feel and is located on the 1st floor of the People’s Store.